Mrs. Dr. Poly  Karmoker
Mrs. Dr. Poly Karmoker

Associate Professor Contact No : 01308060406
Department of Food Technology and Rural Industries Email :
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology ResearchGate
Research Interest:    Food Engineering, Postharvest Technology, Image Processing, Simulation of Quality
SSC    - 2001
Alfadanga Asduzzaman Girls High School
HSC    - 2003
Govt. Sarda sundari Mohila College
B. Sc.     - 2008
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS     - 2009
Bangladesh Agricultural University
PhD    - 2018
Kyushu University
Total Number:  3

Studies on the Processing of Mixed Chips from Potato, Carrot and Papaya

Processing of Mixed Fruit Bar from Mango, pineapple and Papaya

Efficacy of 1-MCP on the Quality and Internal Structure of Some Selected Japanese Fruits

Total Number:  7
26 Jan, 2010 - 25 Jan, 2012
Assistant Professor
26 Jan, 2012 - 24 Sep, 2018
Associate Professor
25 Sep, 2018 -
Total Number:  10

Karmoker P, Shams-Ud-Din M, Mondal SC and Haque MA (2010).Processing of Mixed Fruit Bar from Mango, pineapple and Papaya. Bangladesh J. Agri. Engg. 21(1&2), 25-33.

Karmoker P, Saha T and Shams-Ud-Din M (2011). Processing and preservation of Mixed Chips from potato, papaya and carrot. Bangladesh J. Agri. Engg. 22(1&2), 53-60.

Easdani M, Haque MA, Islam MN and Karmoker P (2011). Studies on Effects of Storage and Packaging Materials on Papaya Flake. J. Environ. Sci.& Natural Resources, 4(1), 29-38.

Mondal SC, Haque MA, Mahomud MS, Karmoker P and Shams-Ud-Din M (2011). A Comparative Study on the Physicochemical Properties of Selected Varieties of Rice Grains in Bangladesh. J. Environ. Sci.& Natural Resources, 4(1), 51-55.

S. Jothi, P. Karmoker and K. Sarowar. Quality assessment of mixed fruit squash: physicochemical analysis, sensory evaluation and storage studies. J. Bangladesh Agril. Univ. 12(1): 195-201,2014.

Rahman MM, Karmoker P and Alam MZ.  Quality evaluation of some selected commercial honey products available in the market of Bangladesh. Fundam Appl Agric 2017, 2(3): 326-330. 

Begum S, Das PC and Karmoker P. Processing of mixed fruit juice from mango, orange and pineapple. Fundam Appl Agric 2018, 3(2): 440-445. DOI: 10.5455/faa.289995

Karmoker P, Obatake W, Tanaka F and Tanaka F. Quality evaluation of 1-Methylcyclopropen treated Japanese apricot using X-ray computed tomography. Food Science and Technology Research, 24 (3), 377-384, 2018. DOI: 10.3136/fstr.24.377. 

Karmoker P, Obatake W, Tanaka F and Tanaka F. Efficacy of 1-MCP for modulating ethylene sensitivity of Japanese persimmon in relation with its internal structure. Environ control Biol., 56 (4): 177-185, 2018. DOI: 10.2525/ecb.56.177.

Karmoker P, Obatake W, Tanaka F and Tanaka F. Visualization of porosity and thermal conductivity distributions of Japanese apricot and pear during storage using X-ray computed tomography. Engineering in Agriculture, Environment and Food. In press. DOI. 10.1016/eaef.11.002. 2019

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Title Institution Subject Receipt Date
Professor S. M. Nazmul Haque Memorial Award (Gold Medal) BAU Food Engineering
University Prize BAU Food Engineering 2011
Ramapotinath Memorial Award BAU Food Engineering 2009
Professor Dr. Md. ShahidulHaque Memorial Award (Gold Medal ) BAU Food Engineering 2009
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